UGA PhD student will talk about bird response to reforestation in Costa Rica at February meeting

Please join us for our monthly meeting on Thursday, February 4th at 7pm where UGA PhD student, Cody Cox, will talk about his research predicting how different bird species might respond to reforestation efforts in Costa Rica. The meeting will be held via Zoom. To receive a link to the meeting, please fill out this form:

 (Photo: Cody Cox)    (Photo: Cody Cox)

Agriculture-driven deforestation in the Neotropics has resulted in significant forest fragmentation, which adversely affects many resident forest-dependent bird species by reducing habitat area and connectivity. Costa Rica has developed a network of 37 biological corridors to facilitate wildlife conservation by increasing forest connectivity. However, reforestation within these corridors is often undertaken opportunistically or in conjunction with other management goals, rather than directly targeting the needs of bird species, which are often not well understood. Cody's research examines how a suite of bird species respond to forest fragmentation metrics at a range of spatial scales to predict how different reforestation scenarios developed from corridor management priorities will affect different species, which can then inform regional conservation planning.

 (Photo: Cody Cox)


Cody is currently the Nibbelink Spatial Ecology Lab coordinator in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources at the University of Georgia and a PhD candidate in Integrative Conservation and Forestry and Natural Resources.

 (Photo: Will Sweet)